Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Familiversary!!

Two years ago, we became a family of 5!

4 was was comfortable. Dare I say, maybe even easy? But God was unmistakable in his direction to us to open our home and our hearts again through adoption. So we trusted and prayed and dreamed and watched in amazement as God made us a family of 5 instead of 4.

5 isn't always easy. Todd and I are outnumbered and there's more competition for the bathroom. But 4 would just feel...empty. Easier, maybe....but not complete.

So today we celebrate how God has knitted our family of 5 together...Dad, the gentle leader and fun one; Mom, the hold-it-all-togetherer; Sarah the wise one; Sophia the lover, and Selah the social butterfly and master negotiator.

I wouldn't change it for the world!!


veggiemom said...

Happy 2 years!!!

Stephanie said...

Happy Familiversary!!!