Friday, February 04, 2011

When you need a corkscrew...

Those of us in Central Illinois experienced Snowpocalypse 2011 or Snowageddon 2011 this week with 13 inches of snow, a little more ice, and 3 days out of school. The result was alot of cooking and baking and mandatory reading time for our family.

I have a freezer full of pork from some amazing friends, and decided to try a new recipe. Not a difficult one, but it called for white wine, which we didn't have in the house.

It was day 2 of the "snow emergency" and there I was with the other 3 people at the grocery store, looking for white wine. But I don't know anything about wine, for cooking or otherwise, so I stood there for quite a while.....I asked the store employee who seemed to be worried about the length of time I was standing in front of the wall o' wine what SHE knew about how to choose a white wine for cooking and she just shook her head and said she knew nothing about wine (that makes 2 of us). I finally decided on the one that clearly said "white wine"....words like "zinfendel" and "peniot grigio" were throwing me off...AND was on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

I slid all the way home and began working on the mouth-watering pork chops....until I remembered that wine bottles come with corks....and we don't own a corkscrew. Todd googled "open bottle without corkscrew" for me.

doesn't work:

My very wise husband screwed a long screw into the cork and we eventually pulled the cork out with pliers.

And the pork chops were totally worth it!

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AprylMay said...

poor tree!
I worked as a server for the UIS concert series Friday night. It was serving adult beverages for the most part. Something like 12 different beers with names that should be the title of poetry of alternative rock bands. It was like speaking a different language. The bartender showed me how to use a corkscrew for the four wines that were being served but i didnt have to use it. I survived the night without any major or minor mishaps.