Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are We Being Punk'd?!

Just one of the cool things about the Indian culture is their respect for Creation. Of course, Northern Minnesota is chock-full of wildlife....Every time we go I have hopes of seeing a Moose or a Bear. It hasn't happened yet, but we learn alot about wild rice and maple syrup from the trees, and see plenty of eagles and deer. Kevin Lasley, the missionary who lives on the Nett Lake Indian Reservation, took us out to call to wolves. First, he trained us how to make a variety of wolf-pack sounds - - from the cubs, to the females, to the deep howls of the full-grown wolves.

Wolf-calling at Nett Lake, MN from Gretchen Magruder on Vimeo.

We drove out into a remote area of the Reservation (hard to believe you could get more remote than where we were!) complete silence, we exited the vans at dusk and began our chorus of calls. We strained our ears to hear any response....rustling trees....birds calling....dogs in the distance. But no wolves called back to us. Maybe it was too windy and they were bedded down for the night. Maybe our scent or footsteps or stifled giggling gave us away. Or maybe....this is something Mr. Lasley does with groups, just to see what ridiculous things he can get us to do!

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