Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Spring Break Alternative

Some glorious things come to mind when I think of Spring Break....warm weather, sunny beaches, napping in a lounge chair....of course, add college students to that and the picture usually includes binge drinking, mostly naked co-eds, and dangerous, self-indulgent, risky behavior.

So I continue to be impressed by college students who don't buy into the stereotype and who use their lives for things that are lasting. This Saturday, 30 UIS students will leave for a different kind of Spring Break. We'll head to Nett Lake, Minnesota for a week of working with kids on an Indian Reservation. They will run classes at an after-school program - Basketball and Volleyball clinics, Arts and Crafts, Amazing Science Experiments, and How to Draw Superheroes. They'll read with kids, tutor them in Math, go sledding, and play basketball. Giving kids the attention that so many are missing at home in that broken Indian culture.

Our whole family will be going, and it will be Selah's first mission trip. They'll be missing a week of school, and though they didn't mind a bit, Todd and I did have to consider whether or not it was wise to do that. How lucky are my kids?! Praying these experiences will forever change who they are and how they love people.

I'd love to be laying on a beach next week. But there's no way I'm gonna miss seeing what God does IN and THROUGH these 30 students as they pour into others!

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Stephanie said...

Spring break mission trips are awesome. I did two in college. Loved them both. :)