Monday, June 06, 2011

Family Summer Goals

I'm not gonna lie...

Summer kinda terrifies me.

A house that doesn't stay running in and out and all over the neighborhood....a constant barrage of questions "can I have a snack?" , "can I watch tv?", "can I go to Zoey's house?", "can we have a sleepover?"......We decided long ago that a list of Family Summer Goals would help keep us from getting bored, and make sure we don't forget the important stuff.

This morning was our first official day of summer around the Magruder house, so we started by making this summer's list. We break down the list into 4 types of goals:

Spiritual Goals:
These are things like Bible reading, scripture memorization, etc. This summer we've been inspired by my friends Karl and Jill Halverson to read some Christian biographies together, and we're going to memorize a passage of scripture.

Physical Goals:
I don't quite know how they convinced me, but decided to train for a 5K at the end of the summer. This morning was our first run, and I survived....though it wasn't pretty :) Other summers it's been things like riding the Lost Bridge Trail on bikes, or playing tennis every week.

Reading Goals:
I have to admit, I've never been a bookworm. I mean, I read....I just don't LOVE reading. I love knowing stuff, and you have to read to learn stuff, so I read. When our girls started to read, I realized how much I wanted them to be bookworms, devouring everything they could. For one, it comes naturally, but summer reading goals help encourage the others :) Today we signed up for the summer reading program at our local library - - the prizes are great incentives!

Fun Goals:
We encourage the girls to think of some of the fun stuff they'd like to do this summer, so we can be intentional about doing some of those things. This year's list: Climb at The Silo, go to the Drive-Inn, swim alot, and go camping.

So what are your goals this summer? If you have kids, how do you survive?

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