Friday, June 10, 2011

What Influence Looks Like

Our friends, Derek and Debra, got married last weekend. They are recent graduates from UIS - leaders in our ministry and on the campus. They dated for over 2 years and were very intentional about the way they handled their relationship - setting clear boundaries, being careful to not desert their friends to become relationship-centered, pursuing God first.

And at their wedding ceremony on Sunday, we witnessed their very first kiss.

It was so sweet...and everyone was watching.

Yeah, that's alot of pressure for a first kiss, but what an incredible message their choices have sent. Without saying a word, Derek and Debra are exerting influence. They set an example for other couples and make the statement that couples don't have to be attached at the hip (or lips), that people shouldn't have to look away in embarrassment as they make out in public, and that pursuing God doesn't end when you get into a serious relationship.

Great reminder of what an impact our lives can have, without saying a word. We all have influence. The question is, how are we using it? What are you doing with your influence?

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Chessa said...

So sweet! What a great picture too.