Monday, July 11, 2011

Tell On Somebody

(this isn't our neighbor....this is a picture of the girls with my dad:)

This evening one of our neighbors stopped by after dinner. He wanted to pay the girls, because for the last month or two they've been walking his golden retrievers a couple times a day. When he had surgery on his foot, he found the dogs were a little too much for him, and asked if they'd be interested in helping exercise them. Our girls have taken this seriously - they let themselves into the house, have a routine with the dogs, and make plans for other neighbors to walk them when they can't do it.

What a blessing to hear this kind neighbor gush over our girls! And how it must feel to them to hear a grown-up talk about how respectful and mature they are. We know they're awesome....but it's nice for all of us to hear what other people see in them.

It got me thinking, who have I bragged on lately? Who could you tell on?

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