Friday, July 08, 2011

Family Summer Goals update....

Okay, it's July and I'm seeing the summer slip through my hands. Time to check in and see how the Family Summer Goals are coming along....

Spiritual Goals: We're making our way through a biography on the life of missionary George Muller, and memorizing Philippians 1. During the school year, we have a regular time of family devos in the morning during breakfast....during the summer it's more hit and miss.

Physical Goals: Remember how I said it was the girls' idea to do a 5K? Well, we quickly realized they hadn't really thought through the whole "training" part of the the 5k....they just thought we'd go out and do it some weekend! We started strong for the first 2 weeks every M-W-F with our walking/running intervals. A surprise to all of us has been that Todd LOVES running. really. for the first time ever. Sarah and Sophia mostly keep up with Todd, but stop for the occasional ripe berry on the trail. I'm still committed to doing the 5k....I just may be walking it instead of running it!

Reading Goal: The girls are signed up for the summer library program...the love their weekly trip to the library!

Fun Goals: We've made a few trips to the pool, and took the girls to see Mr. Popper's Penguins. This week we took our very first tent camping trip with the girls - - to Turkey Run State Park with our friends, Ed, Sally, and Anna Green. Sun, sweat, trails, swimming, and a torrential downpour contributed to a memory-making trip!

Still lots to go.....and just to add a little more excitement, it looks like we'll be moving at the beginning of August!

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