Thursday, February 24, 2005

my children, the evangelists...

It's funny how hard we make sharing the Good News of Christ....planning, fretting, working up to.....and my kids just do it so naturally....

Last week I was helping with the 1st Grade Valentine's Day party at Sarah Jane's school when her teacher, Mrs. Ross said she wanted to prepare me for something Sarah may ask me about. They had been reading some story in class about giants, and Mrs. Ross was explaining that when you read a story you need to think about things like, "is it true?"....for instance, she told the class that giants are make-believe...they don't really exist. That's when Sarah Jane raised her hand and said, "What about Goliath in the Bible?" Mrs. Ross didn't quite know how to respond, saying "well, I'm not too good with my Bible stories, but I think maybe Goliath was just really tall". My normally shy child replied, "But it says he was a giant, and he was real!". I love her faith!!

Also last week, Sophia came home from pre-school and said that her best friend, Laynie, had said that she doesn't have a Bible at home. Since we have a bunch of those orange KJV Gideon new testaments around our house, Sophia decided she would take 2 of them to school for her friend. I tried to persuade her to just bring 1...I mean, who needs 2 bright orange KJV new testaments?? But Sophia insisted. That night, we got a call from Laynie's mom, wondering if she should send the Bibles back to us. Not wanting to offend them or seem weird, we told her that if Laynie wanted to keep them, that'd be fine, but they didn't have to keep them....Her mom thanked us and said that Laynie's older brother, Brady, wanted to have one, too!!!

It's so effortless for kids....They make it so easy....and we make it way too hard!!

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