Monday, April 11, 2005


Sophia got me thinking this morning about how much we desire do it on our own, to have freedom to be who we want and do what we want.....

This was our conversation this morning:

Sophia: "I have an idea! Let's take a picnic to the park!"

Me: "Well, that would be fun, but I don't think we can do it today"

S: "Why?" (the phrase I hear 30 times a day)

M: "Well, because your dad and I have some things we need to work on at the house, and you have pre-school this afternoon"

S: "Well, how about if you pack the picnic and just drop me off at the park and pick me up later?"

M: "yeah, right"

So, Sophia really did think that was a "great idea". It's so funny to me to see how she wants to do everything by herself....she wants to cut the strawberries, brush her own hair, pick out her own clothes. I hear "I can do it by myself" on a daily basis....

Yeah, so I see a little of myself in her.....for some reason I get the idea that it'd be a good idea for GOD to let me do things by myself....I try to love my family, do ministry, be who GOD wants me to be....and I want to do it by myself.

I don't really. Because I know that I'm a loser and it doesn't work when I do it by myself....

So why do I keep trying?

God reminded me this morning that I come by it's human nature, I guess....The only think that overcomes human nature is the Holy Spirit. So I'll just keep asking GOD for more of that and work harder at being more dependent.

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