Tuesday, April 12, 2005

NPR makes me happy...

Yeah, This American Life makes me laugh....it's a radio show that I almost schedule things around in order to hear. Luckily, I can hear it online as well. Check it out


Matt W said...


Michael Tosh said...

I think NPR has some ok programs, but I really wish they didn't force taxpayers to fund the thing...Imagine if Conservatives wanted the government to fund foxnews radio...

But to each there own. Thanks for being there for all us clowns this year Gretchen (And Todd)!

gretchen lee said...

yeah, see, I don't listen to NPR for the politics. As a matter of fact, politics kind of bores me...not only does it bore me, it frustrates me (don't tell the POS department!!)....what I like about NPR is it's creativity...music, poetry, ideas, smart humor.....the politics are just another perspective to consider.

NPR feeds my soul in a way that Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly don't. I don't necessarily agree with everything they say on NPR, but the way they say things allows me to chew on the ideas for awhile...as opposed to some conservative news outlets that leave me feeling like I've just been assaulted with the news....but that's totally my own opinion, and not in any way a matter of anyone's salvation!!

end of commentary.

I sure do enjoy dialoging with you guys!

JP said...

"Imagine if Conservatives wanted the government to fund foxnews radio ..."

... or an unnecessary war in Iraq!

... or an ineffective educational system!

... or AIDS relief to Africa!

Er, scratch that last one.

Loud and Proud, sister Christian!