Saturday, May 28, 2005

Jon and Amanda "tagged" me to answer these book questions....I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed in what I have to offer. I will ask Todd to do a "guest blog" and give you his list of books, which should be much more interesting, but for now, I'll do my best!

1. Number of Books I Own
Hmmm...probably the number that I bought (and didn't just borrow from Todd's library) would be around 30....I often read Todd's leftovers....and now that we subscribe to the Relevant Network, they send us 5-6 books every other month...those don't count, because I don't get to choose what they send.

2. Last Book I Bought
Creating Community by Andy Stanley. We gave this to all of our small group leaders to read over the summer in hopes of improving the community aspect of our small group ministry. I like Andy Stanley because he's practical, but doesn't really push the idea that "if you just implement these 5 magic steps, you'll have an amazing ministry!". He just explains how he's seen God work through their experiences at North Point Community Church in Georgia.

3. Last Book I Read
Do You Think I'm Beautiful by Angela Thomas. I had been hearing about this book for about a year and finally got around to reading it when I was asked to teach a workshop on it at the Illinois Retreat.....I've been re-reading it this summer. I know it's a "girl" book and am not normally a big fan of those, but I was amazed at how my soul identified with the idea that we long to be loved.....excellent read for any woman with self-esteem issues....which, by the way, is all of us.

4. 5 Books That Mean Alot To Me
Out of the Salt Shaker - Becky Pippert
This was one of the first books on evangelism I read in college, and I loved her natural style.
Wild Things Happen When I Pray - Becky Tiribassi
I think this one has changed names (I guess it sounded too charismatic?). More about listening for God and letting the Holy Spirit lead you through your day....this book was the basis for the Prayer Partner Notebook system they sold in xian book stores....this totally refreshed my prayer life and bible reading.
The Life You've Always Wanted - John Ortberg
Spiritual Disciplines for real life...
Abba's Child and Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning
We're losers...but He loves us anyway
Desiring God - John Piper

As you can see, I go for the more practical reading....and I usually don't buy a book until I need it for a specific purpose. I'm adding another question to the list here with the books I'm taking on vacation next week:

5. Books I Want To Read
The CoffeeHouse Gospel - Matthew Turner
In the Secret Place of the Most High - Cynthia Heald
Hearing God - Dallas Willard
If You Want To Walk On Water.... - Ortberg
Roaring Lambs - Bob Briner
The New Faithful - Colleen Carroll
Waking the Dead and Captivating - John Eldridge
Real Sex - Lauren Winner (I think)

I know...a little ambitious....I'm sure some of them will have to wait for the flight to Russia in July...and some I'll start, skim through, and put down.

One more thought....I'm more of a magazine girl....that's the extent of my attention favorite mag is Discipleship Journal

Tag 5 People You Know To Share Their Book Lists On Their Blog
Uh, I'm not sure there are 5 people who read this....but I'd like to hear from Just Pete or Nasa Janet, The Wentzs, Nanette in England, oh, and Misty if she reads this...Drew, and any of the other CSF'ers.....


Nanette said...

Wow, I've never been "tagged" before! Thanks! ;)

I did it, but it's not super exciting...

flowergirl said...

Good idea...I'll start trying to narrow it down. There are so many books I want to read and books that mean so much to me, coming up with a list will be a challenge. Especially when I "should" be memorizing Russian vocab and verb conjugations!!

Can't wait to see you in July!