Saturday, May 28, 2005

Songwriting 101

So, recently I've been inspired in the area of songwriting....I've never been much of a writer. Really, I'm too much of a "doer" and not enough of a "thinker". I am sporadic in my journaling, and I don't think I ever went through the high-school poetry-writing phase (poetry interpretation, however, got me the coveted title of Speech Queen...but that's another story).

Illinoise! did a podcast song-writing workshop that got me thinking about how totally uncreative I am.....and I just finished reading an article on Original Worship Music that got me fired up about writing. So, I was telling the girls about this article, and we decided to write our first worship song:

I thank you Lord, for monster cookies.
I thank you Lord, for birthday parties.
I thank you Lord, for a great sister.
But I thank you most of all for loving me.

Granted, you have to imagine an amazing Nicole Nordeman-ish melody in the background, but I think this is the start of something really great!!

Anybody else wanna contribute? My rule for this blog is that you have to come up with something in 7 minutes or perfectionism allowed!!

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Jeffffffffffffffff said...

I think you could have a bridge with someone eating monster cookies loudly