Friday, September 09, 2005


Just 24 short hours after renting a very small and very expensive violin, I came home from Orchestra rehearsal to find Sophia's violin sitting on the dining room table....missing the bridge.

The bridge, if you didn't now, is a very important part of the violin, holding the strings in place and keeping the tuning knobs at the base from wobbling around.

I had cautioned her (okay...threatened her)before we even left the store that the paper said we'd have to pay $400 if we broke threats must have had some impact, because she was teary when she showed me what had happened.

Todd insists she was just playing the violin and not the cause, so I'm taking it back today to see if they'll just give us another one.


dlaz said...


you and i both know it was todd's fault. that guy's always getting into trouble... ;)

Jonathan said...

This is why Amanda seems so reluctant to let me by a tuba. I might lose the something. Or maybe it's because she was traumatized by oompa oompa music early in her childhood.