Monday, February 20, 2006

Taste and see

Winter Retreat was this weekend. It never seems like a real "retreat" because it's just across the Lake, but wow, was it an excellent weekend!! Here are some of the highlights for me.....really this is just a way for me to sort through what God is revealing to me about who He is and how I relate to Him...

Am I really tasting the goodness of God? Or just talking about tasting the goodness of God? How pathetic is it to just talk about eating fudgey cookie bars when I could actually be eating fudgey cookie bars?! During those times when my relationship just seems flat....just talking about tasting, whose fault is that? I do think there are times when God may not speak so clearly to us in order to grow us up....but it's gotta be 99% my doing when I don't "hear" God or "feel" God.

So, I'm thinking about this and thinking about what we've been reading in Captivating. God wants us to pursue him with our whole hearts. He wants us to passionately pursue Him. It's the same way we long to be pursued by someone in a romantic relationship....I don't want my husband to kinda love me, to be wishy-washy or half-hearted about his feelings for me...if that's the way he loves me, my response will also be half-hearted and probably guarded. I want him to be crazy about me! So how does God feel when I half-heartedly, dutifully pursue him out of habit or out of obligation? Should I really expect God to reveal himself to me and show me amazing things when I just come to Him half-heartedly, or distracted by other things in my life?

How to authentically, passionately, consistently pursue God in my everyday coming and going....changing my perspective and seeing things from the desk.....I'm excited to seek after God in this way with some of you committed followers. Anybody interested in a prayer cell group that passionately pursues God around lunch time on Tuesdays or Wednesdays?

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erinlizabeth said...

wow Gretch...i need to do some of this sorting out myself.

thanks for this...and i'm in on the cell! :)