Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rez Week highlights so far......

So it's Thursday morning of Rez Week....students have handed out 24 dozen Krispy Kremes (nothing says Resurrection like a donut), chalked the campus with flowers and one gigantic hopscotch, , met at noon daily to pray, handed out bagels before morning classes, and yesterday was the Rez Week play day on the Quad (that's what I'm calling it...I don't know what it was really called). The weather was amazing, students played music and gave testimonies, played football, threw the big frisbee, flew kites, really was a great of those days where just being outside seems to make you hyper-sensitive to God's presence....and sharing the day with lots of people you really love made it even better!!!

Tomorrow we will have our Good Friday service and Saturday will be an Easter Egg hunt for the children in Family Housing. I'm looking forward to cooking with Sarah Jane and Sophia for Easter Dinner and doing some special Easter activities with them and the college students who come on Sunday.....As stressful and crazy as this week has been, praise God for his ability to command our attention. How could we not praise Him for a week like this one?!

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Bradjward said...

Great job on Rez Week!

Here is an idea for the event name next year:
God on the Quad