Saturday, November 10, 2007

The best parental moment

Our girls have been asking for a dog for a couple of years, now....I always use the request as an opportunity to have a discussion about responsiblitity and maturity. Usually I'd work in some threat/promise that making their beds and keeping their toys picked up would help show us they were ready for a pet, although, I really had no desire to bring dog hair into my house, and specifically, onto by big red comfy couch.

About a year ago, Todd and I decided that the hermit crab might be a good stink, no mess, little cost....but you may recall the disappearance and finally, the demise of Cream Puff.

As the girls have gotten older and more responsible, I've begun to soften on the whole pet thing. The girls really are pretty responsible, and so, a few months ago, Todd and I started discussing getting a dog. We didn't tell the girls, but we began looking at the APL and pound to see what kinds of dogs were available. We had an informant who volunteers at the APL, and she would email me weekly with an update on the best and worst dogs they had at the shelter....and we planned the perfect time to surprise the girls.

Last Saturday was the day and we drove to the APL pet adoption. The girls just about lost it when they put all the pieces together - - and I realized, this was one of the greatest parental moments I've had.

Seriously, we spend so much of our lives correcting our kids, training (manipulating) our kids, and saying "no"...that when you get to say yes to something that will give your kids such great joy, it's really one of the best things ever. I was practically giddy just thinking of how blown away they'd be. To watch the girls' faces as they realized what was hear them gratefully say, "I can't believe you let us get a dog!!"...And it wasn't just exciting for them...Todd and I were so excited to be able to give them this surprise because we knew how much it meant to them.

I'm sure God doesn't enjoy saying "no" to me when I beg him for something I really want. I'm pretty sure sometimes he has to do it because I'm not mature enough, not responsible....but I can't help but think He gets giddy with excitement when He knows there's a really big "YES" coming....


Sunita said...

Congrats on the dog... What's it name? It kind of reminds me of Murphy, the same color and things. Hope things are well..
Aunt Sunita

Matt Bortmess said...

Ahhh...Murphy... I thought the same thing when I saw the picture.

How fun for the girls!!!

Bradjward said...

I'm a dork. I viewed the image properties to see if the name was there, and behold... Max.

Congrats! :)

Sunita said...

Ahh Max.... Love the name