Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Schizophrenic Blogs

After a couple years of sporadic blogging, I think I still don't have a very clear "blog identity". There are some who read this because we're adopting and you are looking for updates and info on that process...some readers are part of our campus ministry or are alumni of the ministry who want to keep in touch. I've started reading some money-saving blogs lately or the crockpotting blog I follow.

So, in order to lure in the techy crowd....a question:

It may be time for a new cell phone. I'm not big on texting and don't need internet (though I have been known to drool over an Iphone), but one thing I'd really like is a calendar. I've started using Google calendar, and would love to find a way to put that calendar on my phone and sync it regularly. What kind of phone should I that's CHEAP(or free), and will also allow me to use google calendar?

Thanks...I have some of the smartest readers around!!


Anonymous said...

I have the Palm Centro and I love available from both AT&T & Sprint. I paid $99 for it (not free, but cheap compared to other Smart phones).

Thanks for being the first post on my new blog!!! We're getting anxious for the move...and for our house to sell. And don't think that this is your LAST time to lead at RCC...just the last time to lead before I get there!

Sunita said...

I know that verizon wireless makes a phone that you can have calendars on. I would check with them. The Iphone is nice looking but to expensive... Verizon makes one almost just like it but it's not that expensive but it still looks really nice.