Monday, June 02, 2008

CVS - The Maiden Voyage

For the last couple of months, I've been reading blogs like The "Cent"sible Sawyer", Freebies 4 Mom, and Moneysaving, shopping tips, and lots of encouragement to do better on our family's budget. I've already gotten a few boxes of free cereal (online coupon + a tip on a sale price at walmart = Free!), free on-the-go drink mix ( freebies), 2 sample deoderants (, and loads of coupons!

One of the big things among the "frugality" blogs is the "CVS DEAL". I still don't exactly understand it, so I certainly can't explain it, but here's the gist

Today, armed with several blog-tips and a stack of coupons, the girls and I gave it a try. We didn't do great, but I'm just getting my feet wet. The fun thing was that the girls really loved going through coupons, reading the price tags, and looking at the receipt when we were done....maybe we can train them early to be frugal!

Here's what we got:

Buy $10 worth of swiffer and febreeze products and get $5 ECB
Buy 2 Dawn for $2, get $1 ECB; also used .25 dawn coupon
Buy Listerine Smart Rinse for 3.49, get 3.49 ECB
Buy 2 CVS Bandages for 3.98, get 3.98 ECB

These weren't great ECB deals, but I needed them and had some good coupons:
Head & Shoulders shampoo - buy one at 4.99, get one free
Speedstick Deoderant - buy one at 3.29, get one free
Clairol Loving Color $5.99, coupon for $4 off 1

SO, the exciting part is, next time I go, I've already got $13.50 in ECB to spend as cash.


a moore said...

cvs has always been one of my favorite stops. When we're on the road especially, they are the place to stop. Lots of cash back that way and sometimes they do a deal on photo developing that you can't beat anywhere else. they're my favorite ads.

Jodi said...

Wow - I am never organized enough to do the whole coupon thing. Plus, I end up buying more things that I don't need because I think it is a good deal with the coupon... BUT, great job. I'll have to go check out those sites for some good tips. Maybe I'll get organized enough to use more coupons...

LISA said...

I do coupons, and i love the Walmart freebies!