Saturday, June 07, 2008

There's more than corn....

We spent most of the week at McCormick's Creek State Park in Spencer, Indiana for the national Campus Minister's Retreat for our association. One of my favorite weeks of the whole year.....

the small group of people who know exactly what my last year's been like.

80 voices in worship that sound like 300 of the most passionate, thankful, needy Christ followers you'll meet.

teaching from a guy named Don ...a guy who gets campus ministry.

catching up with old friends who have had wonderful years, crappy years, babies, and weddings.

surrounded by Creation. enjoying the simplicity of rain. a breeze. children laughing.

watching my children interact with my heroes of faith. seeing them play with other kids who hang around college students and go on mission trips from the time they're born.

taking a nap. laying by the pool. reading a book.

coming home refreshed (despite 5 loads of laundry). focused. excited.

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