Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Magruder Adoption Announcement

For the last year or so, our girls have been begging to get another dog. We haven't had one since Selah came in 2009. We knew we wanted to move, and thought having a new dog while we're getting a house ready to sell or even in a new house wouldn't be the best idea. SO.....when a neighbor asked the older girls to help out with walking his 2 year old Golden Retrievers this summer, it seemed like a great compromise!

Fast forward to August...we've moved into a wonderful new home, but we're too far away from the dogs for the girls to walk them regularly. The neighbor approached us a couple weeks ago and asked if we'd consider taking the dogs permanently.

Now, I like dogs....but some of our recent adventures in pet ownership have made me a little gun-shy. Really, my biggest concern about getting another dog was whether or not I would lose my mind. So the idea of TWO dogs, and bigger ones, sounded a little crazy.

But we knew the girls loved these dogs. I mean LOVE them. During our first few days at the new house there were some tears...and when I probed to see what it was they were really missing, it didn't come down to their old bedrooms or the backyard....it was the dogs. So I knew I had to at least be open to that option.

We told the girls we were dog-sitting for the weekend and agreed to take the dogs on a trial basis. And they were GREAT! Puck and Precious are the gentlest, sweetest Golden Retrievers you've ever seen. Not one accident, no chewing or jumping or getting on furniture.....they are playful, but spend most of the day laying close by whoever is in the room.

We're in love.

And I may be crazy. But we said YES!!


jan said...

i think it is awesome! i'm a believer that kids should have a dog :) good job mom! you will probably loving them more than your kiddos :)

Chessa said...