Friday, December 02, 2005

Presidential Platforms....

In response to the outpouring of support in my run for President of the United States, it's time for me to start developing a strategy and a platform for my candidacy. It's difficult to try to define yourself by a few issues....I thought that poverty or lobbying reform or alternative energy sources all sounded like good ideas, but really, they're kind of overdone.

Instead, yesterday it became clear that someone needs to stand up and talk about an important topic.....You see, I went across town to pick up our Christmas cards at Sam's Club. I though I'd get some other pictures printed while I was there (only .17 cents!), which meant I had to blow about 30 minutes in the store. After checking out what the samples of the day were, I made my way to the Sam's Club cafe to get a slice of pizza for lunch. They have a great pizza/soda deal there, and more importantly, they have an amazing buffalo chicken pizza. Sam's Club is about 30 minutes from our house, but I can easily find excuses to head over there at least once a month, mostly for this outstanding pizza.

Here's what the American people need to get up in arms about: The Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Sam's Club has been discontinued. (see the March 3rd entry)

I've already sent an email to them expressing the outrage and devastation I am feeling over this. But will they listen? Is it just about the almighty dollar to them? Should we, as Americans, be able to expect more from the businesses we support with our hard-earned cash?

I intend to speak up for the little people in our country who love the spicy/cheesy combination pizza, and who want to get it for dirt cheap. You can depend on me for that.

I'll be setting up a paypal account soon for your campaign contributions.


Bradjward said...

Gretchen, I got 3 things for ya:

1) As I have recently begun to avoid shopping at Wal-Mart (which sadly includes Sams Club), I would encourage you to do the same. Not only would it help you deal with the shocking news that buffalo chicken pizza is no longer, you would also be joining an anti-Walmart revolution, which undoubtedly will raise your coolness factor (see the March 3rd entry).

2) Check out Snapfish for your digital printing needs. $.12 a print, first 20 free, shipped to your door, not Wal-Mart. :)

2a) AOL Offer.
Use coupon code AOLFREEPRINTS by Jan 15, 2006 for 100 4"x6" prints on glossy or matte, plus shipping and handling and taxes ($6).

3) I need an update on Bored Again Christian, think you can pull some strings? ;)

Michael Tosh said...

I hope people don't quit shopping at of my best friend works at one and I don't want him to lose his job :-(


I have some great cabinet suggestions for you:

Department for Domestic issues (poverty, ect...):
Erin Turner
Heather Trammel
John Kelly
Shana Stine

Public Relations and Press Department:
Drew Hibbard
Dale Vick
Amy Stuart
Brad Ward

Speech Writers:
Micah Bacus
Aakash Raut

Department of Foreign affairs: Catherine Morrison
Hannah Clevenger
Matt Wallace
Misty Flowers

Legal Department:
Nanette Christine

Department of sports and games:
Todd Magruder
Dave Lasley
TJ Gardner

White House Pastor:
Todd Magruder

Assistant White House Paster:
Tad Blacketer

Department of Science and Techonology:
Jeff Black
Mark Yakey
Hal Waggoner
Dale Vick
Drew Hibbard
Brad Buckingham
Dan Collins

Department of Defense:
K.J. Reid
Hal Waggoner
Michael Tosh

(Scary yes, but I promise if we are in charge of a nuke you will have more Buffalo Chicken Pizza then you will know what to do with!)

These are my suggestions future Madam President! :-)

gretchen lee said...

Thanks for your support, boys!

Brad - you're the most amazing deal-getter I know....and although I've missed the recent movie and CAP readings on wal-mart, I have a feeling there are probably some really good reasons to support other businesses, so thanks.

Tosh - that's the scariest list of people I've seen....I don't think I want to know how many skeletons are in all of those closets!

Jonathan said...

Just so long as I can sit down to a plate of Steak Ums and a big can of Like Cola (or maybe Tab if I'm feeling bloated) once we get thrown out of here.

Hollyann Decker said...

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